undeleting files ?

undeleting files ?

Post by Hans Petter Faste » Mon, 04 Jul 1994 05:45:48

  I logged on as root, the rest is nothing to speek of I deleted all my
work on a tool I planned to use reading/writing Clipper (MSDOS) style
DBF/DBT and NTX files.  Is there som tool I can use to get those back
again? I am using ext2fs.  I hope I DO HOPE this can be done.



1. Undelete files in Unix File System?

er uh NO

     It is my understanding that once the inode reference count is ZERO, there
is no way to re-claim it.  The file system literally does not know of it

     If the deleted information is text, then you might be able to open
the raw filesystem and perform an octal dump.  You would then look for the
text and try to re-assemble it is some intelligible order.

     I guess that a tool for undeleting files in Solaris is RESTORE.  As in restore
from backups ;)

John Morrison

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