Help: Who is running a Pentium with Lin

Help: Who is running a Pentium with Lin

Post by Karl Key » Thu, 27 Oct 1994 17:18:19

Quote:>...searching for people who are running Linux on a Pentium syste...

I'm running 1.1.56 (57 breaks CD-ROM) on a Pentium P-90 system:

Motherboard             Gigabyte GA586-ID, EISA/PCI, 90/100 MHz dual-processor
                (one installed)
Disk Controller         Adaptec 1742 (EISA)
Graphics Controller     ATI Graphics Turbo Pro (Mach 64, 2MB VRAM)
I/O             Standard 2xSer, 1xPar I/O (1x16550A for modem port)
RAM             32MB
Sound           SoundBlaster-16pro
Disk            Toshiba, 1.2GB, SCSI-2
Tape            Wangtek 5150-ES, SCSI-1
CD-ROM          Toshiba XM3401-B, SCSI-2
Monitor         17" Idek Iiyama
Modem           14.4 fax/modem, Rockwell Chipset

Everything works like a dream!  Not found a single problem yet.


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1. Lin or Lin thats the Q .


"SRR> Conversely, there are not enough for Dummies books for Linux, which it

  Thats because Lin isn't for dummies .............

    > will need if it is going to become what some Linux advocates would like
    > it to become. Actually I saw a URL from IDG books advertising an
    > upcoming book "Linux for Dummies" but on further enquiry, I found the
    > book was not available.

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