Linux on PC without floppy.

Linux on PC without floppy.

Post by S Pirondi » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 20:11:26

Is it possible to install linux on a PC without a
floopy disk?

The PC can boot DOS from the local HD or from the
Novell network. The local HD has two partitions
the first one has DOS the other one is unused.

Savio Pirondini


1. Making custom boot floppies without a floppy.

Assume I have a laptop computer without a floppy
drive ( I don't, but assume it anyway :).

I want to create a custom boot cdrom.  This
seems to require that I have a floppy drive
to create the (lilo)  boot section for the cd.

Is there software, or a procedure, available
that will allow this without the actual floppy

Thanks in Advance,


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