data source crash data source crash

Post by stvn_consu » Tue, 18 Mar 2003 01:11:58

i am using SuSE linux 8.1, 1.02 and mysql 3.23.52.  i
have set up ODBC for mysql:

Description     = MySQL database test
Driver          = MySQL
Server          = localhost
Database        = test
Port            = 3306
Socket          =
Option          =
Stmt            =

Description     = ODBC Driver for MySQL
Driver          = /usr/lib/
Setup           = /usr/lib/
FileUsage       = 1
CPTimeout       =
CPReuse         =

i can connect to the database.  but when i try to open a table, i get
the following dialog box:
An unrecoverable error has occurred.  All modified files have been
saved and can probably be recovered at program restart.

not a very useful message.  does anyone know what causes it, and more
importantly, how can i fix it?

your help is greatly appreciated.  thanks.


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