ttysnoop and sockets how to get ttysnoop to run.

ttysnoop and sockets how to get ttysnoop to run.

Post by Norm Walk » Fri, 12 Aug 1994 14:38:22

I downloaded the ttysnoop.tgz off of sunsite and reading the docs
it seamed like a great little tool for watching what people were
doing on a unix bbs?? but I can't get the darn thing to run
it comes up with an error from an accept command it return an error 88
which is ENOTSOCK I didn't change the /etc/snooptab as it looked like
what I wanted to snoop from ttyS1 to tty7

what is wrong with the setup?
anybody have more documentation for this puppy.
Merritt Secondary School - Computer Support Teacher


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   Does anyone know what is causing this, or more importantly, how to fix

Please help,
Ivan Fetch

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