SCSI disk hang while creating partition

SCSI disk hang while creating partition

Post by RKA » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 03:35:39

   I'm trying to partition a SCSI disk thats* off a Sound-Blaster
   card. I boot off the floppy the system comes up on the CD-ROM.
   I  fdisk the disk with no problem , when I go to create the filesystem
   a error message pops up SCSI bus timeout, and after a few minutes the
   system hangs. I tried shutting the turbo switch off and the system hangs
    Any ideas?



1. Disk Druid won't create Native partition on SCSI drive

I'm trying to install RH 5.2 onto an external SCSI drive, ie it's to
be a pure Linux drive. I have also have 2 IDE HDs and an IDE CD-ROM.

When I run dd the screen shows...


MountPoint   Device   Requested   Actual   Type
              hda1       4110M     4110M   Win95FAT32
              hda2       8056M     8056M   Win95FAT32
              sda5       1032M     1032M   Win95FAT32

Drive Summaries   Geom[C/H/S]   Total   Used   Free
      hda         [524/255/63]  4110M   4110M   0M
      hda         [1027/255/63] 8056M   8056M   0M
      sda         [1018/33/63]  1033M   1032M   1M


So then I delete the partition on sda5, and then click on the Add
button.  The next screen shows all 3 drives as "Allowable" ([*] next
to them). I type "/" and tab to the size field and the [*] next to sda
immediately disappears.

dd is refusing to create a Native Linux partition on the SCSI drive.
I can create the Linux Swap partition there.

Any help is much appreciated, TIA.

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