"IO fatal error 32 (broken pipe)" after "kill fvwm"

"IO fatal error 32 (broken pipe)" after "kill fvwm"

Post by cheng p » Fri, 28 Jan 1994 10:59:49

Any help on the following problem is greatly appreciated.

I installed Slackware v1.1.1 on a 486DX PC with an NCR77C22E graphic
board.  In Xconfig, the dotclock rates are taken from specifications
came with the graphic board.  The monitor is a CTX5468NI and the
parameters for modes in Xconfig are taken from modeDB.txt.  The
system worked fine after 'startx' until I used [ctrl-alt-backspace].
After I did this the screen showed an unrecognizable mess.  I could
still enter commands from the keyboard, but it was impossible to
figure out what had been typed from the screen.  After I typed 'startx'
again, the system then worked fine until I tried again to leave
the X window.  I tried to use 'kill fvwm' to leave, but I also ended
up facing an unrecognizable screen.  

After rebooting the system, I used 'script' to creat a file before
typing 'startx.'  Then I used [ctrl-alt-backspace] and [ctrl-D]
and rebooted the system.  The error message I found in the file
is something like "IO fatal error 32  (broken pipe)."  I would like
to learn to fix this problem.

I also installed Slackware v1.1.1 using the same set of floppy disks
on another 486DX PC with an AVIEW2E graphic board and a MAG15 monitor.
In that case I did not have any problem to leave the X window.

Thank you for reading this message.

Cheng Pan


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