Need Xconfig (ATI GUP/32 + NEC 5FG)

Need Xconfig (ATI GUP/32 + NEC 5FG)

Post by Basuki A Sugiar » Sat, 15 Oct 1994 17:13:46

I notice that everytime after I shut down Xwindow, I have a bunch of
error message, using my current Xconfig file. Otherwise, everything
works just fine running startx. Anybody has the Xconfig file for this
specs? I would very appreciate. I just need to compare...


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1. ATI GUP (2MB) and NEC 5FG - 1280x1024 non-I?

        Hello everyone.  I've read all of the online news and I haven't
found anything that _solves_ my problem.  I have a machine here with an
ATI Graphics Ultra + (Mach32, 2MB) and Linux 0.99pl13 Slackware release.
I am trying to get some sort of 1280x1024 mode working non-interlaced.
When I specify a specific "clocks" line, I get a badly interlaced display.
 When I specify a dot clock 80 and use the programmable clocks line, I get
a reasonable display but it is not reliable.  At first the monitor
displayed it fine, now I get the first frame of interlace on the top half
of the screen and the second frame on the bottom.  This isn't too
pleasent.  The card (from the available clocks) seems to be capable of
this mode in non-interlaced, and I think that I have a non-interlaced
Windows (ick!) driver for it.  This mode calls for a dot clock of 110 or
135 MHz, which it appears that the monitor and card are capable of, but
XFree tells me that it probed the maximum clock rate to be 80MHz.  I
noticed that in the manual it says that the "multicable" is only rated for
75MHz...  What's going on here?  Why is the card and monitor capable of
working at 135MHz but I can't use it?  Can anyone with a similar setup
offer advice?

E-mail is preferred since the news-reading facilities of this freenet can

Thanks in advance,

 Craig Lemon VE3XCL

 University of Waterloo Electrical Engineering

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