adding memory and now linux won't boot

adding memory and now linux won't boot

Post by Mark Einste » Tue, 14 Mar 1995 17:03:37

i have been running linux 1.1.64 for many months on a gw2000 minidesktop
486 with 8 meg's of memory.  i added an additional 8 meg's last week and
got cmos and dos to accept it.  when i tried to boot from my lilo floppy,
the system got as far as the file system checking, and then a register dump
appeared on the screen - a copy appears below;
unable to handle kernek NULL pointers deference at virtual address c0000001
current -> tss.cr3 = 00f51000, %cr3=00f51000
EIP  0010:001669c4
eax:0019281c ebx:00000058 ecx:00000100 edx:000001f0 esi:00000001 es:0018
fs:0026 gs:002b ss:0018
corrupted stack pase
process fsch.ext2(pid:5, processor mr:4, stackpage=00f52000)
stacks 00000400 00e53878 006e078 00f52e74 0000000c
code: f3 66 6d 01 70 0c 89 f0 c1 e0 09 8b 15 9c 5b 18 00 01 42 18
Aiee, killing interrupt handler
release: fsck ext2 kernel stack corruption
remounting ...

and then the hard disk just spins.

please advise me as the proper course of action.  i miss not being able
to boot my linux system.  i'm an unix novice and would hate to think i just
wasted $300.   i was also considering upgrading my cache from 64k to 256k,
but after the above fiasco, i'm not so sure.

thanks for any assistance you might provide.


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