fsck problems

fsck problems

Post by hong.. » Mon, 17 Oct 1994 05:43:34

My 486/33 gives the following message when bootup:

     /dev/hda3: file system contains an error. RUN FSCK MANNUALLY

I tried to run fsck or ex2fsck, it cannot correct the problem.
I just have to type exit and then login, no other problems.

Now, I want to upgrade kernel from 0.99 to 1.52. I cannot compile
it. I got the same harddiosk I/O problem. when I do 'make dep"
it yields the foolowing

    harddisk I/O error
    dev 0303, setctor 114764
    kernel panic:
        ext2-fs panic (dev 3/3)
        unable to read i-node block
     inode=14097, block= 57382

that problem occurs when it is making
    /usr/src/linux/fs/msdos (13856)
     unused inode 14907

The questions are:
    (1) Is this hard disk dead?
    (2) can this error be corrected?
    (3) How?



1. RH 5.1 fsck problems???

       I just upgraded a machine from Caldera Open Linux 1.2 to RH 5.1.
It's got two WD IDE drives. a 1.6 and a 2.1 gig, both have been working
fine until now.  I've got the root partiion on hda3 and the swap
partition on hdb3, and two dos partions on hda, as well as two big linux
partions on hdb.  When I tried installing RH 5.1 the first time, it
froze up everytime it tried to format the swap partion on hdb. Hmm, I
thought, that's weird, but no biggy, I'll just bypass formatting that.
So anyway, got it all installed, the swap partition works fine, as I
knew it would. But -- every time I try to fsck the other two linux
partions on hdb, the machine freezes. I can mount them, without fsck
first, and they appear fine. I can do fdisk on hdb, seems fine. I had
both drives as LBA in the bios. I've tried auto and normal for hdb,
doesn't make a difference.
       I've got linux running on about 8 different machines at home and
at work, been running it since about '91, and never, ever, seen anything
like this.


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