Help: Kernel panic during the installation of floppies

Help: Kernel panic during the installation of floppies

Post by SEKERCIOGLU » Sun, 17 Apr 1994 16:08:18

Dear Linux Experts,

I am trying to install Linux for a while. I am using a Seagate
ST01 SCSI controller, which is as far as understan a supported board.
However, during the installation process, I am getting this message
and the system halts:

Kernel Panic
SCSI: Unsupported message byte xxx received.
In swap task, not syncing.

(xxx=128 or 111)

This message is produced during the installation of different floppies
in every trial.

Thanks in advance...

Ahmet Sekercioglu


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i want to use slackware 3.0 on my Thinkpad 360 CSE (ram:20 HD:340)
i choose bare.gz for boot and color144.gz for root
i insert boot floppy and i enter my parameters
        ramdisk hd=914,15,49
then the system asks me to insert ramdisk : so i insert root floppy
        VFS : Disk change detected on 2/28
        VFS : Insert root floppy and enter
i press enter and
        VFS : Disk change detected on 2/28
        Kernel panic : VFS : unable to mount root fs on 02:1c

what can i do ? I don't understand!  please help me !!

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