ConfigXF86 parse error.

ConfigXF86 parse error.

Post by PACM » Wed, 15 Mar 1995 04:41:00

I changed my video card recently and went through the process of
rebuilding my Xconfig...  I ended up having to build the file manually
and got it working but it still bugs me that XFConfig kept bombing.  The
new file that it tried to create was 132 lines long, somewhat longer than
the first one I had.  What kept happening is that at the very end when I
selected [s]ave it would bomb with a "parse error inline 119"  This line
contained "viewport 0 0".  No matter what I did it just wouldn't work!  I
called a friend and gave him the settings I needed and it ran fine on his

Any ideas...  is my parser shot or what...  Is it because I use BASH and
he uses CSH, or what?

Any and all ideas, no matter how off the wall will be investigated...

P.S. as stated above my X-Windows is up and running it just bothers me is
all...  Oh ya the settings I used were MS-mouse TSENG 4000 (73) and
generic monitor (1)


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Every time I run ConfigXF86 - either as root or as another user I consistently get "parse error on line 122" when it prompts me for where I would like to save the New Xconfig and XF86Config files...  

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Of course I am now in the process of editting the files manually <gulp> but with no luck yet...

Any and all help _greatly_appreciated_ in advance...

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