Help Setting up Linux on an Ambra Computer

Help Setting up Linux on an Ambra Computer

Post by Victor K. Kohn » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 02:18:55

I am about ready to drop OS/2 off my machine, an Ambra with a 340M Hard Disk
and 12M of memory, and move to a combo of DOS/Windows (for som stuff) and a
large partition for Linux.  The machine I have has a NE2000 Compatable
network card built in on the motherboard so I was thinking that rather than
downloading the install disks onto 1.44M hard disks I could, hopfully, load
only the bare minimum on the hard disk and then download the remainder
directly from the net.  Is this possible?  Can I get some help?

I realize this is a real newbie question but I really appreciate the help!!!


Please reply directly to me as I don't get a chance to get to this news
group often :)

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