Getty_ps2.0.7 and ringback

Getty_ps2.0.7 and ringback

Post by Dawood Al » Sun, 02 Jan 1994 09:42:07

Hi, I've just installed GETTY_PS 2.0.7 for my system.

I set up a getty on my serial line in my inittab file as:

c7:6:respawn:/etc/getty ttyS1 9600 vt100

This works ok with the configuration file called 'uugetty.autoanswer'
which I rename to 'getty.ttyS1' and place in etc/default. When the
getty is started it successfully configures the modem to auto answer.
My friend manages to remotly log into my machine.

However when I use the 'uugetty.ringback' file (also renamed as
above) with the getty I cannot get the getty to operate in ringback
mode. Instead the modem answers the call on the first ring rather than
waiting for a second call.

I have configured INITLINE=cua1 which is my serial port that my modem
uses and RINGBACK=YES.

Has anyone has any success/failure with this new version of getty ?

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong ?

ps I'm using 0.99pl14 with




1. getty_ps2.0.7 ... cure for the serial login blues

GETTY_PS 2.0.7

This is the new version of getty_ps for Linux kernels 0.99.5 and higher.
The code has been changed to allow cooperation with the new callout devices
that come with 0.99.5.  

    New for 2.0.7:
        o  WAITFOR is back.  It is possible to negotiate all connections
           in software instead of requiring the modem to be set up to
           auto answer.
        o  Shane Alderton's ringback patches are in.  Ringback mode allows
           a phone line to be easily shared between voice and computer
           connections.  To initiate a ringback call, call the line... let
           the phone ring once, then call back and getty will answer;
           otherwise it will not.
    Standard features:
        o  Getty can be scheduled to be active only during specified time
           intervals, and inactive the rest of the time.
        o  Getty no longer assumes control of the serial line, so that
           other devices can use it.
        o  Default terminal type can be specified on the command line
        o  Getty performs modem initialization at startup, so that your
           modem is configured correctly for incoming calls.
        o  Highly configurable interface to allow for different modem
           speeds and configurations, and different /etc/issue type files
           for different lines.
        o  Uugetty reinitializes the modem if another program uses the

Version 2.0.6b had two major bugs:  job control was not handled correctly
when used with sysvinit, and uugetty caused the DTR line on modems to
flicker.  Both of these problems have been fixed.

I have uploaded a complete set of sources and sample configuration files to and  Also included are binaries compiled
with gcc 2.3.3, version 4.3.3 of the c-libraries.

The relevant file is getty_ps2.0.7.tar.z.  It is currently in the Incoming
directories at both sites.  It should be moved into /pub/linux/sources/sbin
at, and /pub/Linux/system/Serial at  These
files replace all files marked version 2.0.6, 2.0.6a, and 2.0.6b.

Kris Gleason


  HARDWARE (noun):  The equipment that makes up a
  computer system, not to be confused with software

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