SPEA v7 Mirage S3 VLB

SPEA v7 Mirage S3 VLB

Post by Philip Burne » Tue, 04 Jan 1994 05:11:00

Has anybody had any success with the above board and X / openwin?
If not has anybody had any luck with any S3 VLB? If so can you
please give me details of the chipset selected in Xconfig. I am
using SLS Dist v0.99p9

1. Problems with SPEA V7 Mirage VLB S3-805 card

I've got a Spea Mirage VLB card with S3 805 chip. My PC is a Intel
DX 50 with 8 MB. I also use a TEKRAM IDE cache-controller.
Now when I've installed Xfree 2.1 with S3 driver, X only comes up
with a grey picture and the whole Linux hangs.
What should I do ????


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