Genoa Phantom 64 (8864VL) Support?

Genoa Phantom 64 (8864VL) Support?

Post by Clinton N. Kei » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 06:38:37

Has anyone had any success getting X to work with a Genoa Phantom 64
VSB video card?  THe part # is 8864VL.  I am running Yggdrasil Summer
'94.  I have tried s3, and the genoa VGA selections in xinit.  No luck.
X won't start and I get an xinit interrupted system call (errno 4)
unexpected signal 13.  This system previously ran with a Diamond SS 24X,
and I have purged the /var/xconfig files.

Thanks in advance,

Clinton N. Keith                      "Nothing is proved, all is permitted."


1. Help with Genoa Phantom 64 needed


I have not been able to get a working XF86Config for a Genoa
Phantom 64 board (S3 Vision 864, 2MB DRAM, VLB) with XFree 3.1.
The XServer autodetects a SDAC 86C716 RAMDAC and lists 16
clock frequencies all in the range between 25 and 36MHz, which
I think is far too low. Any attempt to use higher resolutions
than 640x480 puts my monitor into Power Save Mode (Sony 17se1T),
which probably means that the video board has given up.

I have recently seen a "Devices" entry (in XFree 3.1.2) for this
board which lists "ramdac s3_sdac, clockchip s3_sdac", but this
shows the same result.

SuperProbe, on the other hand, identifies a AT+T 20C492 RAMDAC
("15/16/18-bit DAC with gamma correction with 6 bit wide lookup
tables or in 6-bit mode"). The server, however, does not know
this RAMDAC type.

Has anybody got a working configuration for this board (perhaps
with XFree 3.1.1 or 3.1.2)?

D.Ruppert    RTS GmbH  Schwieberdingen

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