Cipher M990 drive->Linux?

Cipher M990 drive->Linux?

Post by Lawrence Foa » Sun, 12 Dec 1993 16:33:46

Does anyone know if there is a SCSI adapter available to convert a
cipher m990 to something that could be used by the Linux tape
code? Are there any PC cards to interface to the m990 that have
documentation and could work under Linux if a driver was

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1. Cipher M990 9-track 1/2-inch Tape drive with Pertec interface and ISA card

I have a Cipher M990 9-track 1/2-inch tape drive with a Pertec interface and
the ISA card that I would like to get to run under Linux.  One of the guys
here seems to think he has the DOS device drivers, but has yet to find them.
The ISA card really does not have much info on it except:

1986   I.D.B. Corp

If anyone has any info on how to get this to work with Linux, please e-mail
me directly.
Thank you.

Jeffrey Jordan

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