HELP, Linux BBS's in 416/905 area code!

HELP, Linux BBS's in 416/905 area code!

Post by Dhaliwal Bikram Sin » Fri, 06 May 1994 07:54:04

I am willing to pay to be a member of any Linux BBS in the 416/905
area code around Toronto.

My Internet access thru school is ending tomorrow.  Please help ASAP.

(BTW, my phone number is 905-845-4567 if you want to call).


-bikram dhaliwal


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Does anyone in the GTA have a CD-ROM of an older version of Linux that
they would like to sell/give to me at a discounted price? I'm currently
running Linux 1.2.13 from the book _Linux Unleashed (2 Ed.)_ and would
like something more up to date. Red Hat just released a new version and
if you purchased it I would gladly take an older version off your hands.
I'll gladly drive to pick it up. I just graduated high school (read:
I'm broke) and would like to be more familiar with Unix type OSes since
I'm going into engineering.

Please email and thanks for any help.

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