MV premium 3D and Linux

MV premium 3D and Linux

Post by Tiger » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 20:47:51

I have been trying to get the Premium 3D card to work correctly with the
Hannu 2.9 drivers with 1.1.85 kernel. I can get the drivers to see the SB
PRO emulation and the OPL3 FM but not as a PAS 16. How should the card be
set up in order to do 8 bit and 16 bit sound?


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1. Media Vision Premium 3D with Linux

I've had a Media Vision Premium 3D sound card for a few months, and I've
been using it happily under Windows.  It would be neat to hvae it work
under Linux too, though.  I've tried various combinations of sound
drivers in the kernel (unmodified 1.1.75); the only time when I got any
sort of results is when I just enable the Sound Blaster driver.  When
I used this kernel, I was able to get static out of the speakers when I
sent a file to /dev/audio, but nothing more.  Is there anyone out there
who has a Premium 3D out there that would care to share how they
got it to work with Linux?


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