Yggdrasil's cfdisk doesn't work on new disks

Yggdrasil's cfdisk doesn't work on new disks

Post by Mike Crawfo » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 05:56:44

I figured out the problem with formatting my new drive.  It seems like cfdisk
does not work with drives that have missing partition tables.  Partitioning
with DOS fdisk first worked just fine, and after that I had no trouble getting
cfdisk to work, and linux installed.

Now to get it on the Internet!  I just got a part-time account at scruznet

e-mail).  In a month or so I will convert this to a full-time account.


Mike Crawford           | Dial 1-800-366-8441.  It will cost R. J. Reynolds


1. Yggdrasil Fall 94 Plug 'n' Play doesn't want to play.

I'm not able to boot and install the Fall 1994 Yggdrasil Linux CD-ROM
on my system. When I boot from the supplied floppy, LILO seems to load
the kernel OK, recognize my hardware devices properly during probing
and calculate my BogoMIPS for me, but the kernel crashes after trying
to mount filesystems. I've checked cabling, I/O address and IRQ
conflicts, tried removing unnecessary boards, made sure all of the
devices were configured as the manual suggested, etc., but nothing
helped. I'm pretty sure that everything I have is supposed to be
supported by the Yggdrasil kernel. Everything works OK under DOS, for
whatever that's worth.

From the error messages, it looks to me like the kernel isn't happy
about the block size on some device (the CD-ROM?), so it can't mount
the filesystem on the CD-ROM.

I booted Slackware Linux from a boot disk and root disk I borrowed
from a friend, and successfully partitioned my hard disk. His kernel
didn't have support for my CD-ROM compiled in, though, so I couldn't
get any further.

I've installed/maintained/used SunOS systems for years, but I'm new to
Linux, and I'm fresh out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated!


Here are the gory details:

My system configuration is:
        Intel Premiere II 90 MHz Pentium PCI motherboard with
                PCI EIDE, second IDE, 2 serial ports, par port and
                floppy i/f on board
        ATI mach32 video
        Sound Blaster 16 with CD-ROM interface and Sony CDU-33A drive
        3Com 3C509 ethernet board
        1G EIDE hard disk
        16M RAM

I typed "linux hd=2100,16,63" at the "boot:" prompt.

The part of the boot-time messages that seemed relevant to me said:

[stuff before here deleted]

Partition check:
  hda: WDC AC31000H, 1033MB w/128KB Cache, CHS=2100/16/63, MaxMult=16
  hda: hda1
RAMDISK: 104960 bytes, starting at 0x248b48
VFS: Disk change detected on device 15/0
ll_rw_block: only 2048-char blocks implemented (1024)
MINIX-fs: unable to read superblock
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address
current->tss.cr3 - 0001d000, %cr3 = 0001d000
*pde = 00102027
*pte = 00000027
Oops: 0000
[stack and register frame info deleted]

Thanks in advance for any advice....

Mark J. Blair   KE6MYK
Design Engineer
Silicon Systems, Inc.

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