How to configure a NIC in RH6.2??

How to configure a NIC in RH6.2??

Post by Bo Berglu » Sat, 30 Dec 2000 22:50:29

I just installed RH6.2 after a disk crash that destroyed my previous
RH5.2 installation. This is not the first time I have installed RH6.2
but it was a while ago....
Now I have this problem:
I have 2 NIC:s in the PC and I must now configure the IP addresses of
them. There was no dialogue in the setup sequence where I could do
that so it has to be done manually.
In earlier situations I think I remember I used the command netcfg to
bring up a program screen where I could configure these details.
But on this system when I type netcfg in a command window in KDE
nothing happens, or really a sequence of error messages pop up ending
with 'No such file or directory'

What to do now???

PS: During bootup the two cards are shown as eth0 and eth1
respectively, so they seem to be on teh system...

Bo Berglund


1. Help configuring 2nd NIC in RH6.2

Hi all -

I am trying to get an installation of RH6.2 running with 2 NICs (one for
DSL and one for internal net).

The install went fine (installed in "server" mode), but it only found my
external NIC, a Kingston using the tulip module. When I tried to use the
network configuration panel of the Gnome linux config tool, I can't get
the second card to stay "active".

In Gnome, I add the card as adaptor 2, give it a IP and tell
linux to use the tulip module for this card as well (it's a Linksys).

When I look in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, all the files for both
cards are there (ie ifcfg-eth0 or ifcfg-eth1). However, when I try to
start the device with ifup eth1, linux responds saying "Delaying eth1

Can anyone spot any flaws in my process? I'm wondering if I need to
point to another tulip module, or can linux share drivers like that?

This is my first pass at using a UNIX variant at home, and I've been
very surprised at how easy it is ... other than this silly net issue.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, either posted or by email.



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