Tex and fonts/Slackware

Tex and fonts/Slackware

Post by Doug Seml » Tue, 01 Feb 1994 04:03:00

I got TeX from the T1-T3 disks for slackware 1.1.1.  I need to have a
cyrillic font for school.  I noticed there is a font in the
/usr/TeX/lib/mf/macros directory.  However when I try to use it,
Metafont will not compile the macros so I can use them with xdvi
(in other words, I try to include mcyr10 in my document, and
mf blows up when compiling the pk file)

Does anyone know where I can get a fixed version of the font?



1. NFSS TeX fonts on Slackware

Fellow Linux users,

I am now one clue short of being able to remove my MS-Windows
partition.  So here's my question:

Could someone please post or mail me a brief example of a LaTeX file
that uses one or more of the Postscript fonts installed by Slackware?

Many thanks in advance.
Don Marti Jr.         |

                      | further than a big budget and no clue.

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