Problems by installing Red Carpet

Problems by installing Red Carpet

Post by Georg Westbe » Fri, 04 Apr 2003 23:49:46


I'm new using the Linux OS system. I've installed the DEBIAN Linux
distribution with 'stable', 'unstable' and 'testing' components.
Now I would like to use the Red Carpet application to install Ximian

After installing the Red Carpet application I tried to run it. Now I
get the following error message:

"You are running an unsupported distribution, or one that cannot be
determined by Ximian Red Carpet. If you are running a supported
distribution, this is usually caused by a modified system file. You
must run a supported distribution to use Red Carpet."

Can someone tell me, how I will be able to run Red Carpet or how I can
download and install the Ximian Connector software?

I hope u can help me!  ;-)

Thanks and best regards

Georg Westbeld


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I'm trying to install Ximian's Evolution with Ximian's Red Carpet and
am running into some strange problems.

It tells me the dependents I need and lists several RPM's that need to
be upgraded for the Evolution RPM to install properly.  The download
works fine, but it bombs off each time saying 'package perl-5.6.0-17
is already installed'.  When looking at the Necessary Upgrades, it
lists perl-4.0.3-1.03 as being installed and needing upgrading to
5.6.0-17, but when I run 'rpm -q perl', it says I currently have

So it looks like Red Carpet thinks I currently have perl-4.0.3 when I
actually have 5.6.0-17.  Anyone know how I can get round this?  I
can't uninstall Perl since it's got too many dependents. I don't want
to try --nodeps because I'm afraid this will break something.

Any suggestions would be much appreciative.


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