Post by Riad Souis » Sat, 25 Feb 1995 06:06:27


I have some problems with fstab and e2fsck.
When i boot, i have this error : WARNING : your /etc/fstab doesn't contain the
fsck passno field..you shpuld fix /etc/fstab as soon as possible...
My fstab is like this :

/dev/hdb1        /        ext2        defaults
/dev/hdb2        swap        swap        defaults
/dev/hda1        /dos/system        msdos        defaults
/dev/hda5        /dos/games        msdos        defaults
/dev/hdb3        /dos/incoming        msdos        defaults
/dev/hdb4        /dos/media        msdos        defaults
none             /proc    proc        defaults

Also, i have some problems with e2fsck-0.5b (14 FEB 1995),
each time i check my /dev/hdb1 (linux partition), i have this :

Fix summary information<y>? no

Block bitmap differences: -67038 -67039 -67040 -67041 +67045 +67046
+67047 +67048 -67609 -67610 -67611 -67612 -67613.  IGNORED
/dev/hdb1: 7923/71960 files, 93720/286721 blocks

well, here i've said no, but even if i say yes, i reboot, and i re use e2fsck,
i have the same thing...who has anyidea about that ?