Logitech serial mouse help

Logitech serial mouse help

Post by Make my day,pun » Tue, 01 Mar 1994 07:14:53

        Hi all. I upgraded to Slackware 1.1.2, and can't have my mouse work
on X (or using selection ...): it is a serial mouse on com2: that works
just fine in DOS. Anyone willing to give me some clue ? The kernel I am
using has mcd enabled, would that be a problem ? When I run xinit, the mouse
acts strangely. A 'cat /dev/ttyS1' shows a consistent flow of "garbage", so I
assume the mouse is talking to the software, somehow. Clues ?



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Logitech serial mouse help

Post by Hendrik G. Selig » Thu, 03 Mar 1994 17:11:57

: using has mcd enabled, would that be a problem ? When I run xinit, the mouse
: acts strangely. A 'cat /dev/ttyS1' shows a consistent flow of "garbage", so I

Check your Xconfig, which might have been changed by upgrading. The mouse
should be installed as a Microsoft mouse in the Xconfig, then it should
work (if it's called a MouseSystems it will behave crazy).


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Logitech serial mouse help

Post by Quic » Wed, 09 Mar 1994 19:54:52

I found a 'cure' for my serial mouse problems. I have 4 com ports in the
'standard' configuration so ttyS0 and ttyS2 share an IR. I couldn't use
the mouse on any Linux thing until I removed the getty I had running on ttyS2
for external serial logins. This may help someone.


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