Whats different between NET-2 and NET-3

Whats different between NET-2 and NET-3

Post by Norbert Kuem » Sat, 25 Jun 1994 16:37:29

Can anyone tell me the new "features" of NET-3 ??


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1. Up to date: Net-2 or Net-3?

Horst Kock

Is anybody

so kind to answer the following three questions which
would allow me proceed to the next step? I am new in
setting up an own network and read a lot. The next step
is: buy the up-to-datehardware and install the really
needed actual software.

I never read: 'An ethernet card is required for an
ethernet-LAN, a modem for a dial-up connection to a remote
host or a comercial POP into the Internet'.
- Is this right?

I fetched all of the (new) MAIL and NET-2 software over the net,
which is an awful lot. Afterwards I learned that it requires the
newest kernel. So I got linux-1.3.39.
- Please, is NET-2 the most up-to-date software, because after
  this I realized, that NET-3 exists.

Just now I read that the kernel contains the complete NET-3
software. (I cannot believe that, because the kernel is tiny
in comparison to my MAIL/NET-2 programs.)
- So fetching NET-2 was obsolete?

Thank you very much in advance
   newbie Horst

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