HELP ! SCSI Controller woes again!

HELP ! SCSI Controller woes again!

Post by spa.. » Fri, 09 Dec 1994 16:49:07

I just go a Control Concepts SCSI card based on the QLogic 408 controller.
It came with the usual Windoze, NT OS/2 and SCO drivers. I have both UnixWare 1.1 and
Linux available. I really don't know if the SCO driver will work with either flavor but
the card has 4 serial ports I wanted to use for dial in. The board really seems nice and
the price is right 4 serial, 4 floppy, 2 IDE, 2 Parallel, and SCSI-2  If I cna only figure
out if it will work before I build a new Unix box.

Thanks, folks......and Happy Holidays

Charley Sparks


1. SCSI Controller woes again

Does anyone have any knowledge of or experience with the Q Logic controller chipset?
I acquired a Control Concepts card with IDE, SCSI-2, 4x serial and 2x parallel and 4x
floppy. It would make a real sweet Linux box. It comes with SCO drivers and NT drivers but
I don't know if the SCO will work ( I doubt it !!)

TIA and happy holidays

charley sparks

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