NEC SCSI adaptor problem to see NEC CD-ROM

NEC SCSI adaptor problem to see NEC CD-ROM

Post by Farhad Akhav » Fri, 02 Dec 1994 03:49:42

We have major problems having Linux boot recognize our NEC SCSI host adapter
(CDXT003) to detect a NEC Multispin CDR-74 D-ROM drive.
We have changed the IRQS and Mem. addresses to no success. We have used
the 1.1.50  Kernel and the older versions. Any suggestions or help to solve
our problem is fully apprecited.

Error message:  All we get is "SCSI hosts:0"

I understand that this problem was posted before so I am more confident
that there some thoughts about this problem.

305 ERL
University of Missouri-Rolla

Tel: 314) 341-6538


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I have a noname pentium laptop that has a docking station with a CD-ROM (NEC 4x multispin) and hard drive (both SCSI).
The image I have selected from the Caldera Preview worked at least allowing Linux w/o X-windows.
With the Preview II version, it says that it cantnot find a CDROM with the Caldera Desktop on it, after it has gotten into the express install.
Appreciate any suggestions.


PS. I am using this just to see what Linux and Caladera looks like.

If I can use Linux, I will install on my desktop setup, but right now this is available and my desktop is low on hd space (will be istalling new hd.)


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