534x Cirrus Logic w/ 2MB

534x Cirrus Logic w/ 2MB

Post by Charles B. Mart » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 01:56:37

I am having a problem installing X on a machine with a 534x Cirrus
Logic board.  After I get everything installed, I go to run the
ConfigXF86, and I don't see the card.  "No biggy," I think.  I then
run MakeCard and very little happens.  The program completes and gives
me useless values for everything.  After the prompt for the probe
and the warning about how the monitor may come back messed up,
MakeCard is supposed to run several tests that make the monitor flicker
a lot (at least on the other 2 machines w/o 534x cards, they did).
Nothing happens.  I just get the save screen.  I save the garbage
(just incase it isn't).  Then I re-run ConfigXF86.  When it comes
to the part to choose which resolutions at refresh rates I want,
I don't get a list, but I still get the prompt.

Is there an X server that supports the 534x?  Is there a way for me to
get this to work?  Or am I just out of luck?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Chuck Martin