IN2000 Driver...HELP

IN2000 Driver...HELP

Post by jason matthew ro » Tue, 11 Jan 1994 12:21:05

        I used to run slackware on an IDE drive and now that I switched
over to a scsi drive, I'm having problems.  I'm running an Allways IN2000
SCSI controller card (w/ default settings) w/ a micropolis 666 meg drive.
I've had a person make me a zimage w/ the newest version of the IN2000
driver but it does not recognize my scsi host.  Can anyone help me out?


1. Help requested compiling kernel with in2000 scsi driver


i have an in2000 scsi driver and run it for some time with the linux zimage
from shaun savages. now i tried to compile the kernel with the in2000.c and
in2000.h sources. the result is something like : invalid kernel page request
0xc000000 .... and the system hangs. this seems to happen even before any
request is made to the scsi bus.

what i did: add a new entry in ...kernel/blk_drv/scsi/Makefile for in2000
            add a new entry for in2000 in /usr/src/linux/Configure (or was it
                Makefile too?), so make config asks for in2000 y/n
            make dep, make config, make all, make disk

should i do something else ?
btw, if i omitt the in2000 in make config i get a correct linux kernel.

any hints welcome


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