Toshiba T4500 linux installation

Toshiba T4500 linux installation

Post by Bruce Scott T » Fri, 27 Jan 1995 03:34:50

> Does anyone know any reason why I shouldn't install Linux on my Toshiba
> T4500 laptop?  Do the resume mode or power management cause problems?

Don't know how to drive them from Linux, but you can drive them using the
dos utils that come with your pc, and then they work with Linux.

Resume in particular is great if you run out of juice!  You plug in, it
can be days or years later :-), and you are back to the status-quo-ante,
with no filesystem problems.

Quote:> How about peculiarities wrt the screen?

None that I know of.  But I use a T1950 mono/greyscale that works properly
with the VGA_16 X-server.

Quote:> I have a ministor PCMCIA disk drive I use in this laptop too. Are these
> supported?

No knowledge.

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1. Toshiba T4500 laptop

While most people are having their troubles getting XFree86 to run on the very
newest of hardware, my problem is getting it to run on some older stuff--a
Toshiba T4500 laptop.  I have the OS (Linux 1.2.3, from the Slackware 2.20
distribution) installed and running fine, but I need X for a presentation.  If
anyone can give me some hsynch and vrefresh rates, or modelines, or even tell
me for sure that it's impossible, I'd be happy to have the info.

What I'm mainly interested in is, can XFree86 3.1.1 really drive the WD 90C27
chipset in it?  The docs say no WD 90C2X except 90C24 and 24a, but the server
seems to be happy thinking of this chipset as a 90C30.  I get a nice smooth
display, recognizable menus and such, good cursor tracking, but the picture is
split horizontally into three or four parts, depending on the dot clock I
choose, and each piece is nearly a horizontally-shifted duplicate of the other

To compound (or perhaps simplify) my problem, I intend to drive an external
VGA device with it, anyway--one of those overhead projector thingies.  Whether
it has a detailed-enough spec sheet, and different-enough specs from the LCD
screen, to let me use it, I won't know until I get my hands on it later this
week.  I'm mostly worried about whether the display hardware can support X,
and I welcome any reports from anyone with a T4500.

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