problem mounting older ext2 with newer ext2 tools installed

problem mounting older ext2 with newer ext2 tools installed

Post by James LewisMo » Sat, 19 Mar 1994 14:48:19

Well, I've put myself in a spot of trouble.  I decided to upgrade
everything on my system, and I figured reinstalling a newer (less buggy
as well) distribution would be the best route.  I have one partition
(about 190 megs) for the basic setup, and another (~100 megs) for my own
personal files.  The smaller partition was created, and mke2fs with the
tools for ext2 0.3(a?).  The newer installation (Slackware 1.1.2
0.99.15) comes with the 0.4 tools.  Now I can't mount my older
partition, following are the messages that mount, and e2fsck give me...

darkstar:/# mount -t ext2 /dev/hda2 /acct
mount: wrong fs type, /dev/hda2 already mounted, /acct busy, or other
darkstar:/# e2fsck -a /dev/hda2
bash: e2fsck: command not found
darkstar:/# cd sbin
darkstar:/sbin# e2fsck -a /dev/hda2
e2fsck 0.4a, 93/11/29 for EXT2 FS 0.4a, 93/11/19
e2fsck: unable to read super block

(by the way I love pasting from one vt to first experience)
anyway...  Is there anything I can do to fix this.  I see something
called mksuper, but there are no man pages I've found, and the messages
printed out by it don't seem to help... I tried something like mksuper
-o /dev/hda2 109620, but it said that o was an illegal option.  I
luckily have recently backed most everything important on tis partition,
but refixing the whole thing is not what I want to do, so any help would
be appreciated.

I think that's all the info I've got... please help thanks

james lewismoss