14.0 modem help

14.0 modem help

Post by Mark Rei » Sat, 08 Oct 1994 13:29:29

Hi, I know there were some posts about using 14.4 modems (US Robotics)
recentily, but ... how do you do it? I tried fooling around with setserial
divisor 8 spd_cust but that just seemed to lock up the port (/dev/cua1). I'm
using 1.1.18 of the kernel, dip 3.pretty.current 3.8? and net/3 debugged.

Please help ... Is this in a FAQ?


1. Need help w/ DIP and connecting at modem speeds over 14.4K

I am trying to use DIP and a 28.8k modem to complete a SLIP connection
at 28.8k.  I can get a connection at 14.4k (I force the modem to
connect at 14.4k). When I try to connect at 28.8k or let the modem
connect at the highest speed available, it doesn't work.  The modem
just makes a lot of varying tones, but will not connect.  The modems
and lines on each side are ok.  Any ideas?  BTW, I do have a 16550
chip on the serial port.  Would using setserial help?  Your help
is welcome.  Thanks for your help in advance.  Could you reply

Ted Milkovich

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