HELP: Booting Linux: ISP-16 soundcard/Sony CD, NCR810 SCSI

HELP: Booting Linux: ISP-16 soundcard/Sony CD, NCR810 SCSI

Post by Robert Krawi » Sat, 11 Mar 1995 06:24:09

Summer '94 Yggdrasil will not boot on my PCI-based system with a Media
Magic ISP-16 soundcard (supposedly Soundblaster-compatible) with
attached Sony CDU-33A CDROM (after initialization, it panics with
"Unable to vfs_mountroot").  In addition, while it detects the NCR
SCSI card, it doesn't recognize the hard disk (Seagate ST14200 2.1 GB)
on target 0 (it says 0 hard disks, 0 CDROM's, 0 total devices).

Any suggestions?
Robert Krawitz


1. ISP-16 board with Mitsumi CD Rom *need help*

I have an ISP-16 board which is driving my 2x Mitsumi CD Rom, but i can
get neither to work in Linux.  The ISP-16 is supposed to be 100% compatible
with the Sound Blaster Pro, and i'm told it's even *hardware* compatible.

Other relevent (?) hardware:    486-DX2 w/ 8M ram, PCI bus

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