Networking with pl12 (apology!!)

Networking with pl12 (apology!!)

Post by Stephen Darra » Sun, 29 Aug 1993 19:04:32


Sorry for wasting everyone's time - it WAS a network cabling problem.
<embarrassed look>

The little caps on the terminating resistors at BOTH ends had come loose.

... Stephen


1. Networking with pl12 (my solution)

Hi netters,

A few days ago I asked a question about networking with the pl12 kernel.
From the news I understand that I'm not the only one with problems. I tried
to use the latest SLS 1.03 release which includes the latest (final) pl12
release of the kernel.

I received all kind of hints of how to organize my /etc/
startup-file(s), but none of these worked and my routing remained broken.
There are some suggestions left that I didn't try (yet):
* Using the 4.4.2 library (Linus), which is however still in the alpha
  phase (see comp.os.linux/53589).
* Using a different /etc/route (Jon Tombs in comp.os.linux/53653).

Right now I installed the Slackware 1.01 release (from, which
still includes the earlier version of the kernel (pl12 ALPHA of Aug 7 if I'm
correct). With this package my networking worked without any major probles.

Ronald Aarts

Physics Department, P.O. Box 513,   |    Phone: +.31.40.474213
5600 MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands  |      Fax: +.31.40.453587

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