Install LILO on 3rd HD?

Install LILO on 3rd HD?

Post by Name withheld by reque » Sat, 19 Mar 1994 19:23:45

I have installed Slackware 1.1.2 on my 3rd (SCSI) HD and currently use
bootlin 1.4 to boot it from hard disk. I use SCSI driver to access the
SCSI HD from both DOS and Linux because I have already 2 IDE HD as 1st
and 2nd HD (and I don't want to throw them away).

Under such installation, is it possible to use LILO boot from HD? I have
reserved some space on all three HDs to allow new partitions to be added.
I have read the LILO V1.4 document. To my understanding, if the HD, which
hosts the linux root directory, can NOT accessed via BIOS (in my case it's
on 3rd drive and therefore not accessable via BISO,only from driver), you
will NOT be able to use LILO to boot from HD. Of course I can put zImage
and LILO on floppy and boot Linux form floppy.

Am I correct?

Any suggestion/solution are welcome!

Yanming PENG


1. Solution: install LILO to boot Linux on 3rd HD

Thanks to all the people who respond my post, I have successfully
installed LILO to boot Linux on 3rd HD. Now, I can use Lilo to boot from
Linux, MS-DOS 6.2 and MS-DOS 3.3.

The trick is to put zImage, all *.b and the map file on a BIOS accessable
drive (i.e. floppy or 1st or 2nd HD). In the lilo config file, add the
following lines:


Finally, run lilo to install the map (and reboot).

Yanming PENG

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