tar fails with broken pipe

tar fails with broken pipe

Post by Kyle Disq » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 05:23:39

When I try to use "tar -tvzf blah.tgz" I get the message:
gzip: stdout: Broken Pipe
tar: child returned status 1

Here's where it gets weird!  This happens on my machine at home all the time.
However, the box at work only has this problem when I'm dialed into ttyS0.
It works fine when I rlogin or use the console.  Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Home: 1.1.73 486-66 8meg SCSI
Work: 1.1.52 386-33 8meg IDE & NFS



1. tar, broken pipe and core files

i have been trying to tar up to wav files and have been meeting with
dubious results..

i have tried a number of different forms of the tar command trying to
accomplish this and have met with the same failure mode.

the command, e.g. is ,the vars are defined.

[61] /shrd > !36
/bin/tar -czf ${backUpDir}/wav.${dt}.tar.gz wav
Broken pipe
[62] /shrd >

the command creates an output file but i don't know if it is complete.
it also creates a core file.

i know the destination disk is not full.
i know the resultant tar file is about 2G and source is about 4G.

any ideas??

reply address bogus, please post

kevin t

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