ftape not working after 1.1.55

ftape not working after 1.1.55

Post by Eric Levins » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 09:43:21

Unfortunately I use a flaky news server and many times I can't get on to read
articles, so if you could, please respond privately.

I upgraded my kernel source to 1.1.55.  Upon booting, I got the ftape error
stating that it is incompatible with the kernel (from insmod /boot/ftape.o)

I then recompiled ftape, and copied the ftape.o file back to /boot.   Now when
I boot, I don't see that error message.

Instead, when I try to use mt, or tar on the tape drive, the drive light does
not come on and I get the following message

I/O error on /dev/nftape

Before I upgraded kernel versions it worked great.

I will post my findings to this newsgroup

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1. Kernel change summary 1.1.55 -> 1.1.56

These changes are archived on ftp.emlist.com:pub/kchanges.

Added support for disk statistics.
serial.c (rs_start): Removed an incorrect '!' that was preventing
        transmit interrupts from being re-enabled in rs_start().
        Fortunately in most cases it would be re-enabled elsewhere,
        but this still should be fixed corectly.
Removed spurious error message in keyboard driver.
Oops, in ext2 fs driver, no need to check for overwritten dirents
        *every* time, just whenever the version number changes.
Oops, in xiafs driver, forgot to return offset of file into block.
Don't allow the owner of an open file to be changed to just anyone.
Allow a socket to be woken up asynchronously.
Add a bunch of new kernel entry points, for socket reg/unregister, and
        for devices.
setreuid() was setting the fsuid to the wrong uid.
accept()ed socket don't end up with an invalid sk->socket and give bogus
        netstat output.
FASYNC/SIGIO now works with sockets.
Fixed the permissions on F_SETOWN for all. Its now as broken/working
        as other systems. Really we need something like a 32bit generation
        number on processes.
ARP allows proxy for whole networks (a la cisco routers)
TCP sendto() reports ENOTCONN in the right cases
Removed some surplus uncommented code from tcp.c
Fixed protocol violation during closedown in tcp.c
        [Still not got the window < MSS bug fix included]
Assorted major IPX errors removed
Small correction to promisc mode error fix <Alan Cox>
Asynchronous I/O support.
Fixed the worst of the load balancer bugs.
Fix reset on closedown bug.

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