Xconfig for PS/Thinkpad 350C notebook

Xconfig for PS/Thinkpad 350C notebook

Post by Stein Onsr » Fri, 03 Dec 1993 19:03:40

Hello, has anyone out there got this running in color ?
I get the mono X server running, but the color server is not working.
If there is any one with an XConfig working for this, could the please mail me a
copy ?

Stein Onsrud
SiO Data


1. HELP: X on IBM ThinkPad 350C

  This is a laptop with 512k video ram.  It does 640x480 in Windows with 256
colors fine, but I can't get clocks for the XSVGA server.  I got the X16
working, but it is HORRIBLY slow whenever I move a window.  Any suggestions at
all?  I haven't tried the mono yet, but I plan to.

Thanks, Nils.


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