Talk,ntalk and YTalk

Talk,ntalk and YTalk

Post by Dennis Duffn » Sun, 25 Sep 1994 10:23:15

Where would I get the latest YTalk sources for Linux?

I've got ytalk here, but it seems not to work with a Sun system that
I'm trying to talk with.  The ports are 517/518 in /etc/services and
I've got 1.1.45 installed.

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Talk,ntalk and YTalk

Post by Dennis Duffn » Tue, 27 Sep 1994 01:18:23

I've posted this before but it seems that the post went out to *space
and hasn't been seen since. ;-)

I'm running 1.1.45 on a 486sx.  I've been trying to talk with a user on
another machine,  I have no idea what os this box is
running, nor can the user help me with it.  So, I'm asking for help
in several ways:

        1) Does anyone know what OS is running on?
        2) Talk and ntalk return the following error:
           Connection refused (111).  
           I've started rpc.portmap on my system and the
           /etc/services files shows that talk is on port
           517, and ntalk on 518.  Neither of these work
           with pond.  Also, I've got ytalk and it gives me
           the error that the connection is refused, even
           though the user has set mesg y to yes.

           What IS this error(111) and is there anything else
           I can do to get this to work?  I've been told in
           email that Suns are bad with talk and ntalk, but
           that ytalk should work.  So far, it hasn't.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc.  are greatly appreciated.

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What d'ya think?


My PC ----->SLIP---> HOST -----------------> JohnDoe's PC

On since Thu May 18 14:59 (CST) on ttyp0, idle 0:01, from
New mail received Thu May 18 16:10 1995 (CST)
No Plan

JohnDoe is on the HOST onsite network.

I just want to "ntalk" to JohnDoe.

I think I need to:

This should contact him but I don't know what he is receiving at his
PC.  I would be interested in trying this with someone to see if it is
possible or if I am just nuts.

Any answers?
Any takers?

Let me know.
Rick Mantooth

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