Problem with ytalk ??

Problem with ytalk ??

Post by Timothy Hopki » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 05:02:16

I have a prob with ytalk.  When I try to ytalk from one user to another, i
get an error mess:
         new_user; bad host; '(none)':(no system error)
ANy ideas whats wrong?
thanks for the input


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        Can anyone shed some light on this problem I have....
        First of all, I have compiled term-2.0.6 for share mode and followed
        through all the steps..It works fine...BUT when i try to run
        YTALK or FSP clients in my linux it comes up with this message;

        sendto: Network is unreachable
        sendto: Network is unreachable

        Can someone tell me what I left out or what im doing wrong??Thnx...
        PLZ email me ...


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