** Must Get Motif **

** Must Get Motif **

Post by Vincents Holl » Wed, 25 May 1994 06:57:52

Hello.. I need to get my hands on Motif for Linux.  I understand that it
is commercial software -- I need to know whom to call so I can purchase it
from them.  

If you have a name, or a number, or anything.. please let me know.

I hardly ever get a chance to read on this group, so please send mail
to the following address:

Thank you.



1. Getting Motif off dist floppy

  I purchased Motif from Yggdrasil some time ago. It came to me on three
high density floppies. Due to circumstances beyond my control (IE: I'm
at a university, and things are often removed from desks) I no longer
have the instruction sheet for installation. I remember how to do
everything but get the files off of the original distribution disks.

  These floppies are not filesystem disks. The Motif files have been
stored using some other method. I've tried tar as well. Does anyone
have any guesses or clues?


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