Using `rsh' in a `twm' pop-up menu

Using `rsh' in a `twm' pop-up menu

Post by galb.. » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 07:23:30

AIM:  Add entry to twm pop-up menu to `rsh' an xterm from a remore host
      known as bathybius

What I tried:

        Added the followed lines to .twmrc
  menu "defops"
  "Bathybius"             !"/usr/bin/rsh bathybius .bathybius_xterm &"

        where .bathybius_xterm is on the remote host:

  export DISPLAY=
  xterm -T Bathybius -n Bathybius -e /usr/local/bin/tcsh

        (This was to avoid `quote' errors)

What happens:

         /usr/bin/rsh bathybius .bathybius_xterm &
        from an xterm window works fine (a new xterm from bathybius appears)
        but doing it from the twm menu does nothing but freeze my window
        manager.  I must log in from a remote machine and kill the window
        manager to be able to do anything after that.

Any ideas?

Also, I can't seem to succesfully use rsh in xinitrc either.
I want to have an xbiff running on the remote host.

I know that an `rexec' command would be better suited to the task, but
I haven't found one in linux.

Any help appreciated!

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