need Xconfig for WD/Paradise value accel. card

need Xconfig for WD/Paradise value accel. card

Post by Dan Maj » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 00:03:52

 I need the Xconfig file to run a WD/Paradise "Value
Accelerator" card in high resolution mode (above 640x480). This
card uses the Oak chipset. I've used the recomended Oak config,
but can't get it to run in high res. modes. Tips or redirection
to FAQ appreciated!

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Hi..  I need a XCONFIG file for my video card and I am hoping someone out there
has a similar setup.  Here's what SuperProbe reports:

        First video: Super-VGA
        Chipset:     WD/Paradise 90C00
        Memory:      512 K Bytes
        RAMDAC:      Generic 8-bit psuedo-code DAC

The Xconfig I put together works, but the picture is really fuzzy and I think
it might be damaging my monitor.  Any help in this matter would be greatly
appericiated.  I NEED X!!  Thanks :)


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