Building custom distro?

Building custom distro?

Post by ADox » Mon, 07 Apr 2003 07:09:51

Hello all!

Can anyone point me to documentation on taking an existing distro (such as
Red Hat for instance) and building a new distro out of it with customized
packages, anaconda, etc... ?? This would not be just for one machine, but
rather for mass consumption if it turns out to be really good.

If anyone has any info regarding this, especially URLs with documentation,
I would be greatly appreciate it. I am very interested in building a new
distro from another one, but need to know where to start. I tried googling
it but had no luck :(



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I have recently come up with idea of creating my own Distro.

Now I think I can guess the sort of responses I will get to this, but
just to say that I have some specific requirements for a project I am
working on which is why I have decided to go down this route, besides
IMHO doing something like this is a great way of seeing what makes
linux work. I have tried reviewing various distros (Debian, Slackware,
LFS, even Gentoo) but none have the sort of feel that matches what I

Anyways thats the background.  My main query is does anyone know how
GUI installation programs, such as Red Hats Anaconda, Mandrakes DrakX
or Suse's YaST work.  Do they include a mini X Server or use some
other method?

Thanks for any help you can offer, and if anyone is more interested in
the purpose of the distro let me know.



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