telnetd incompatable w/ DG

telnetd incompatable w/ DG

Post by Dario_Balla.. » Wed, 04 Jan 1995 18:55:54

You are running a very old version of DG/UX (5.4.2) which is no longer
supported. I use Linux since 1.0.9 and DG/UX 5.4R2.01, 5.4R3.00
and 5.4R3.10 without any problem. I'd suggest you upgrade your
AViiON to a supported version of DG/UX.

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1. telnetd incompatable w/ DG

I have three 386 computers running Linux 1.1.73, but I can not telnet into them
with my DG Aviion.  I can telnet into the Linux machines from a Sun
SparcStation, Novell's Unixware, and from another Linux machine.  The DG can
Telnet into all of my other computers.  Linux can telnet into the DG.

Has any one expereinced this problem?  Is the problem the DG or the Linux

        3c509 Ethernet card
        old 386/25 computer's each from different vender
        Slackware 2.0.1
        Linux 1.1.73
        Data General - dgux 5.4.2 generic AViiON

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