Help with "Kernel panic - Swapper" needed please!

Help with "Kernel panic - Swapper" needed please!

Post by Robert M Atki » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 04:54:42

I'm a complete neophyte with Linux, so please be gentle!

I'm trying to install Yggdrasil Plux and Play linux on a couple
of systems. One is a Zeos 486-33 and one is a Zeos Pentium-90.

I got the 486-33 system up using the 720K boot disk and CD-ROM
however the P-90 wouldn't play (probalem with finding the IDE CD-ROM).
So I got the RevE.Beta1 720K bootfile from Yggdrasil and tried it on
the P-90. This time it *seemed* to identify the CD-ROM OK (Adapti), and
found the hard and floppy disks, but the boot ended in the infamous
"Kernel Panic" message.

The last 3 lines before it quit and just sat there were:

task[0] (swapper) killed: unable to recover
Kernel panic: Trying to free up swapper memory space
In swapper task - not syncing

Then silence! Can anyone provide me with a clue as to what might be wrong
here. I have no idea whether it means that in fact it still can't find
the CD-ROM or if it's having memory problems like it seems to imply.
The CD-ROM is an IDE device and I have 2 IDE hard disks in the system.
Zeos are rather tight lipped about how things are exactly configured
but I guess the CD-ROM is a 3rd IDE drive. Yggdrasil implied that they
doubted that the boot disk would find a 3rd IDE drive, however during
the boot the message:

hdc: XF00D1 E, ATAPI, CDROM drive

appears, so it seems to have found it. Whether it can access it is another
matter of course. I don't see the CDROM activity light on during the boot,
so either it hasn't tried to find it before the crash, or it can't find
it and that's why it crashes.

Any help gratefully received. There's a *lot* I need to learn about this
system! Pointers to FAQs etc would be very welcome.

Bob Atkins