XF86 Config: ATI VGA Wonder XL and NON-Multisync Monitor

XF86 Config: ATI VGA Wonder XL and NON-Multisync Monitor

Post by Rob Fugi » Sat, 09 Jul 1994 03:10:19

I'm TRYING to configure XF86 on my newly-installed Linux box, and I have
a problem.  I don't have specs on my monitor.  I do know that it's non-
multisyncing, though.  Does that help?

I seem to have the card-specific stuff set up, but I can't find a setup
for 640x480 quite right...  ANY help appreciated...

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Hello all,

I have, for the past 4 weeks straight, attempted to get the following hardware
to display XFREE86 but to no avail.

ATI VGA Wonder XL w/ 1MB ram 28000-5 chipset
Nec MultiSync 3FGx

In all the docs I have read and all the configuration programs I have run I
cannot for the life of me get this to work. If anyone has a similiar system
working I would like to correspond with you or have you post this to the news



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