Burning my own Linux CD's

Burning my own Linux CD's

Post by Ray Schul » Sun, 13 Dec 1998 04:00:00

>    [posted and mailed]

>    Hi Steve,
>    You've posted this to an advocacy group, the users of which are
>unlikely to offer assistance.  I've crossposted your question to
>comp.os.linux.help and will attempt to answer your question as best I

Dear Maynard,

I saw a couple of your posts on C.O.L.A.
I think you are doing a great service by
answering some of the questions that are
posted to that group by error.

I have been playing around with Linux for
more than 2 or 3 years and have just come
into more time to spend with the subject.
I have been looking around for some way
to help those new to Linux.

I have looked into my local LUG group
(Houston,Tx.) but have not found that
group to be very helpful to new users.

I have looked into (gotten on mailing lists)
different projects to help develop software.
But not being a programer is a disadvantage.

I have found one group that may be helpfull
in the future:

If you are interested, check it out.

The point to this message is just to say that I
think it is a GOOD thing what you are doing.
And I may start doing the same thing.  And
that is giveing time to answering questions
in the news groups.

P.S. I tried to mail this to the from header of this post but
got a bounce.

p.s. My local news feed doesn't have comp.os.linux.help
nore does Dejanews carry it.  What's up with that?

Ray Schultz
Ray Schultz
Houston, Texas
"Some people are educated beyond their intelligence."


1. Burning my own Linux CD's

Well I have an HP7110ep burner and I'm using EZ CD Creator v3.0 under
win98... and I know to make the install cd I have to use ISO9660 with
long file name format, but heres the problem... it won't let me make
file names with multiple periods.... ie... it want to change:


to -->


and I'm wonering if this is going to be compatible with the installer...
and if not what in hell do I do now?

Thanx for the help

--Steve Castano

Steven Castano:

* Residential Network Consultant:
        - University at Albany
        - Brubacher Hall, Alumni Quad

* System Administraor:
        - SilverStreak.ml.org
        - Widjit.ml.org

* Steven M. Castano
* Alumni Quad, University at Albany
* Alden Hall, Box 65
* Albany, NY, 12222

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