DIP keeps dropping connection...

DIP keeps dropping connection...

Post by Chris Anders » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:52:45

Can anyone give me an idea why dip might keep dropping my connection for
no apparant reason?

I have used dip for almost 6 mo. with kernel 0.99.13 and the other day I
upgraded to slackware 2.0 (kernel 1.0.9) and now it seems to randomly
drop carrier after around 20 mins...

Slackware came with dip-3.3.7-uri, but I recomplied dip-3.3.7-strauss
because that is the one that I was using with the old kernel and it
supports the 'call' command..

Anyhow, if anyone can point me to where the problem could be, I would be
VERY APPRECIATIVE because it is kind of a pain loosing carrier all the

Thanks in advance..

(OH, please send responces via email.. thanks)

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